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Judging Criteria


Our industry professional panel will have the tough task of judging every group by the following criteria:

Each crew will be judged on -

1. The Set

2. The Dancers

The Set will be judged on:-

Choreography - How creative / effective the choreography is within the set. If tricks are used, how do they compliment the set or otherwise.

Difficulty - How challenging is the choreography within the set.

Musicality - How well the choreography is set to the chosen music by rhythm, timings etc.

Staging - Is the stage being used to maximise and show your formations to their best.

Versatility - Being able to show a number of styles within the set and how  the varying dynamics are shown throughout, i.e,: detailed and intricate movements, high energy movements, slow and flowing movements. Transitions must also be seamless and flow from one to the other

The Dancers will be judged on:-
Technique - How the dancers use the appropriate techniques for the styles of the set.

Synchronicity - How accurately all dancers in the set move together and at one  throughout the set.

Performance - How well the dancers are projecting their performance skills throughout the set, by showing emotion, enjoyment, facial expressions, passion, enthusiasm and energy. Are the above maintained throughout the piece.

Overall - How the set comes together to form one piece.


The Judging Panels decision is final. There is no appeal process.